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Discover Your Heart Coaching

This is such an incredible and unique way to offer our coaching services, along with the supportive materials, books, and manuals to help others live the life they are meant to live, and give the way they want to give! Our foundation is based on a hea.

Posted 07-10-2010 07:43:15 by Barbara Marville

Carol Patterson Collection

Carol Patterson Collection is the newest design release from International fashion designer, Carol Paterson and offers designer jewelry made of elements from nature such as freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, and metals. The collection also offers .

Posted 11-11-2010 10:08:26 by Carol Patterson

Carol Patterson Collectie

De Carol Patterson Collectie staat voor een zelf ontwikkelde lijn sieraden. Dit is een update van de laatste toevoegingen aan de sieradenlijn van sieradenontwerpster Carol Patterson. Profiel van de ontwerpster: Carol Patterson is al meer dan 30 jaar een.

Posted 11-11-2010 11:59:54 by Carol Patterson

Die Carol Patterson Schmuckkolle

DIE CAROL PATTERSON SCHMUCKKOLLEKTION Carol Patterson Schmuckkollektion, NEUERSCHEINUNG von Designer Carol Patterson. Kurzbiographie der Designer: CAROL PATTERSON ist schon mehr als 30 Jahren ein sehr bekannte Name auf Seventh Avenue in New York. Bis Si.

Posted 11-11-2010 12:00:41 by Carol Patterson

Le Carol Patterson Bijoux

LE COLLECTION DES BIJOUX DE CAROL PATTERSON Carol Patterson Collection Bijoux, nouvelle collection du Designer Carol Patterson. Carol Patterson un nom tres celebre plus 30 ans aux Seventh Avenue dans New York. Avant de sur pied sa propre entreprise,e.

Posted 11-11-2010 12:01:22 by Carol Patterson

Gotago Personal Care Device

The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is a concealed, catheter-like device that is worn under clothing and enables males to urinate in situations where a bathroom break is not possible. The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is similar to a jockey-strap and h.

Posted 20-01-2011 05:56:19 by Roderick Calhoun

Gutter Clutter Buster

A cleaner, easier, faster, and safer method of vacuuming out rain gutters from the ground and Made in USA. Lightweight, durable, & affordable. Save money the first time it's used.

Posted 19-03-2011 10:30:16 by Jean Hofmann-Kay

The Card Cache

Organizing the contents of a woman's wallet and purse has never been easier. The Card Cache keeps everything contained and easily accessible in a stylish way.

Posted 24-03-2011 08:24:21 by Stephanie Navarro

Barbara Marville Signature Collection

Welcome to the "Barbara Marville Signature Collection", where "I believe that health and beauty begins from within and lands on the skin!" This collection has been co-created by myself, and created by Cindy Rager, Spa Owner, Medical Aesthetician, with a.

Posted 02-04-2011 12:34:45 by Barbara Marville

FrigematesThe Cool Way to Organize

Getting organized is easy with FrigeMates FrigeMates is an organizer made to reduce clutter and maximize space on your refrigerator, and can also be used in offices, schools, and other locations. A precisely designed modular plastic unit that fits any s.

Posted 30-07-2011 12:00:49 by C Paul Davis