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Defy Aging IncDennis Kelly Barbara Marville

Product Description

Defy Aging,Inc. is exactly that! We feature various products, and services to reverse the clock, help to prevent STRESS, the number one cause of disease and premature death. One product that we have been taking is an all natural, organic, and nsf certified, supplement that allows the body to customize naturally ones human growth hormone. you may go to and click on the link ageless health, and you can view my befores and afters, AND order the product, either the "Youth" or the "Sport" formula. I take the Youth, my husband takes the Sport! The "Sport" formula has allowed Kelly to come out of retirement in the martial arts, and compete in Mens full contact karate, and achieve his 5th World Championship Title at age 69, the oldest man ever to acheive such an accomplishment, and at 73 years young, will be doing it again in 2011. In addition to our supplement secrets: we also have our programs (dvds)for stopping stress in its tracks,using the ancient art of Tai Chi Kung, that helps one gain better focus, balance, concentration, inner peace and well being, & life balance! Relaxation cds, featuring guided imagery and music cds, custom created for our personal growth and develpment programs, can be ordered at We also feature Professional Tai Chi Kung Instructor Certification Programs, a complete comprehensive program for someone who is interested in a new career, another stream of income, and get healthy at the same time Also available: The Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth by Dennis Kelly 727-945-9223

Obstacles That Were Faced

The only obstacle was "time", and as they say timing is everything! While I was working in the TV electronic retail industry, AND after selling out several of my husbands products there, it was clear to us the direction we were heading, and the message, was to hold on to our "passion" & "purpose" and the right timing will come to pass ! Go for it....NOW !!!!

Inventors Goals

"Chasing Rainbows of the Heart" Book by Barbara Marville-Kelly "Tango Man" Book/Movie Autobiography by Dennis Kelly L.I.F.E. Masters Course Love, Inspire, Forgive, Enlighten A complete and comprehensive program based on Faith, Science, Medical Documentation and Gods Universal Laws of Attraction. "Latchino" and "Chiango" Dancercise dvd videos, featuring just the "right stuff" to make you want to moove & groove, get your "sexy" back, and "dance the dance" of life!!!!!!

Inventors Advice

"NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP!" Follow your heart, stay hardfast to a deep, unwavering burning desire to achieve what you believe, and it WILL happen! "DANCE THE DANCE OF LIFE TO YOUR MUSIC"


What inspired our products is basically the need for "Self Care", and "preventative Care", after we watched our parents and loved ones leave this earth way too early. We are on a mission to raise the awareness that we all have the "power to heal ourselves", through the "Mind,Body, & Spirit", using the mind as the map, the body as the vehicle and the spirit as the fuel

About The Inventor

Name: Barbara Marville

What a whirlwind of a February, celebrating Valentines day in gratitude for my loved ones, the birthdays of my sons, and the national launch

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Posted 15-09-2010 10:14:42 by Barbara Marville